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Modern Greek Culture
The Greek Church
Greek Folklore
The Year in Greece 2012
Early Travellers to Greece
A History of Athens
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Modern Greek Culture

Anagnosis Greek Culture Pages

Pages which illustrate the cultural wealth of the modern Greek people

Because of the mountainous nature of the Greek mainland and the many islands of the Ionian and Aegean Seas, strong and distinctive cultural traditions have developed which demonstrate both the uniqueness of Greek culture and its many local variants.

The Patras Carnival The Year in Greece: festivals, commemorations, etc.

The Greek Church: the Orthodox Church of Greece

Greek Folklore: customs, beliefs, etc.

olive trees The Greek Olive and Olive Oil: one of the most important products of Greece through the ages

a summer cinema in Kifissia Open air cinemas: one of the joys of life in Greece during the summer months

traditional Greek puppet theatre The Traditional Karagiozis Puppet Theatre: a popular form of entertainment during the nineteenth century, performances are still held today during the summer months

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