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A History of Athens

The site of the city of Athens has probably been inhabited for at least six thousand years. It may be the oldest continuously inhabited capital city in Europe. The most glorious days of its ancient history are well-known and well-documented. The history of Athens since the end of classical times is much less well-known, yet it has much to teach us.

Ancient Athens

Prehistoric Athens: Athens before history (5000-1500)

Mycenaean Athens: The Athens of Legend (1500-1200)

Dark Age Athens: The Centuries of Obscurity (1200-750)

Archaic Athens I: The Age of Tyrants (750-528)
Archaic Athens II: The Birth of Democracy (528-494)
Archaic Athens III: The Persian Threat (494-478)

Classical Athens I: The Golden Age (478-431)
Classical Athens II: The Stuggle for Supremacy (431-404)
Classical Athens III: The Intellectual Centre (404-339)

Hellenistic Athens: Athens Under the Macedonians (339-168)

Roman Athens I: Under the Republic (168-31)
Roman Athens II: Under the Empire (31 BC - AD 303)

Medieval Athens

Byzantine Athens: Within the Christian Orthodox Empire (303-1205)

Crusader Athens I: Burgundian Athens (1205-1311)
Crusader Athens II: Catalan Athens (1311-1388)
Crusader Athens III: Florentine Athens (1388-1456)

Modern Athens

Ottoman Athens I: Early Ottoman Athens (1456-1684)
Venetian Athens: Venetian Interlude (1684-1689)
Ottoman Athens II:Later Ottoman Athens (1689-1821)

Revolutionary Athens: The War of Independence (1821-1833)

Athens under the Bavarians I: The New Capital City (1833-1843)
Athens under the Bavarians II: The Constitutional Monarchy (1843-1862)

Georgian Athens: (1863-1912)

Wartime Athens: Athens During the Balkan and First World Wars (1912-1918)

Interwar Athens I: (1918-1925)
Interwar Athens II: (1925-1940)

Athens under the Swastika: The Nazi Occupation of Athens (1941-1944)

Athens under the British: The Civil War I (1944-1947)
Athens under the Americans I: The Civil War II (1947-1949)
Athens under the Americans II: The False Democracy (1949-1967)
Athens under the Americans III: The Dictatorship (1967-1974)

Athens in the European Community I: The Restoration of Democracy (1974-2004)
Athens in the European Community II: The Wasted Years (2004-2010)

Contemporary Athens

Athens in the European Community III: The Economic/Financial Crisis (2010-


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The History

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